A wide range of services

Our service bundle can be integrated as a full-service growth program, or as separate services to meet specific client objectives and budgets.

Marketing Data

We help businesses grow by bringing them the right customers.


Insights & Strategy

Analyze the forces that influence an industry, current and forecasted trends, and comparative assessment.


Marketing Technology

Iyachichima can help you create a lasting digital presence on the web, not only to build your brand or business, but also to leave a lasting impression on every visitor.


Creative Services

Your Corporate Identity can help your business stand out in the marketplace, and will tell the general public a story of what your business stands for.

Iyachichima thrives on taking an idea, a brand or business and bringing it to life through the power of marketing services we offer.


effective Tools

We offer simple, effective tools for businesses, brands and individuals to help them achieve their goals by collaboratively crafting marketing and communication solutions for their growth; creating a life of abundance.


Marketing is often misunderstood, misinterpreted or overlooked; particularly in previously disadvantaged communities. Whilst individuals have innovative ideas and business initiative, they miss out on their potential growth opportunities with the lack of understanding the importance of this practice.



By linking marketing IT to CMS, CRM or other systems, you can deliver your content across all analog and digital channels in a targeted manner and achieve your marketing and sales goals.

IT solutions


An emotional experience binds customers to a brand. Address your customers in real time with the help of our innovative IT solutions. This will increase the value of your brand as well as your conversion rate.



Marketing requires many data-based decisions to be made. With our modern analytics solutions, you can connect all relevant touch points and create meaningful analyses.

High-quality Technology


Businesses have countless media assets. Ensure the quality and consistency of your assets with our proven IT solutions and address your target groups with pertinent content.